M104 Seats in Greater Anglia Class 321

M104 Range First Class Seat

The Quantum range of seats has been designed and tested to exceed the safety requirements of GMRT 2100 Issue 5, which is widely recognised as the most stringent standard. The seats also meet the requirements of GMRT2130 Issue 4 for fire performance, including BS 6853 Cat 1b smoke test.

The same advanced CAE analysis techniques used to develop the crashworthiness of the seat enabled the design to be optimsed delivering a lightweight compact seat.

The M104 seat is available with folding armrests and seat back tables, offering first class passengers premium comfort and ergonomic support. It also provides superb space efficiency allowing train manufacturers and operators to achieve optimal seat density.

The M104 seat is designed for first class regional applications and is available in single and dual configurations with either pedestal or cantilever mountings.